Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rhode Island: Elected officials refuse to reveal their vote in Providence City Council recall

Governor Gina Raimondo, Congressman David Cicilline, State Treasurer Seth Magaziner and State Representative Aaron Regunberg (all Ds) have refused to say how they will vote in the recall of councilman Kevin Jackson. They all live in his district.  Jackson is up on Tuesday after his indictment for embezzlement.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

North Dakota: Refugee Council calls for end of recall effort against Fargo City Commissioner


Oregon: Columbia River Recall leads to guilty plea in election law violation case

Former Columbia River PUD Board Member David Michael Baker and his son Riley David Baker pled guilty over a claim that they witnessed the signing of petitions for the recall of board member Craig Melton. Melton survived the February 2016 recall.

North Dakota: LaMoure County State's Attorney facing recall threats

Petitions have been taking out against State's Attorney Tonya Duffy over claims of a lack of competency and demeanor. Petitioners need 541 signatures (25% of turnout). The issue seems to be a lenient sentence for a manslaughter conviction in a fatal drunk driving accident.

Colorado: Fremont County Sheriff signature gathering starts

Signatures gathering has started against Sheriff Jim Beicker (R) over a civil lawsuit over the death of an inmate and a confiscation of horses in an animal cruelty case. Beicker is in his 4th term and petitioners would need more than 4000 signatures to get the recall on the ballot.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

California: State Senator claims recall effort would waste millions of dollars

State Senator Josh Newman is facing a recall effort ostensible over his vote to raise fees and taxes for road repairs, though it widely seen as an effort to deprive the Democrats of a two-third supermajority. Newman's written response claims the recall would waste millions for an election.

Read more here:

Colorado: Park Hospital Board sets recall, then resigns

The Board of Directors, which resigned en masse as of May 1, set a recall for May 21. The designated election official will cancel the recall on May 1.

California: Oakdale Irrigation District board member leading in recall race

OID Irrigation Board Member Linda Santos is leading in the vote county in her recall race, though ballots won't be finished counting until Friday at the earliest. Santos has a lead of 56 percent or 58 votes. 83 ballots are still to be counted.

Idaho: Petitions started for Notus Mayor

Mayor David Porterfield is facing a recall over complaints about a kitchen sink of complaints. Petitioners need 44 signatures to make the ballot, and are aiming for August. The election would require 42 votes against Porterfield, the amount cast to put him in office.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

California: Sonoma County Sheriff recall effort gets petitions

Paperwork has been approved for the recall of Sheriff Steve Freitas, though petitioners would need 35,000 signatures to get on the ballot. The issue is the 2013 shooting of a 13 year old by a street officer and questions about asset-forfiture.

Ohio: Loveland Mayor facing recall effort

Loveland Mayor Mark Fitzgerald is facing a recall effort over the Community Improvement Corporation, a public-private partnership. The lead petitioner, Neil Oury, has announced that he is running to replace Fitzgerald.

Petitioner would need 600 signatures to get the recall on the ballot., and depending on timing, it would be either August 8, which the Secretary of State set as a special election date, or the general election in November.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Massachusetts: Uxbridge Selectmen to recall petition language before sending it to state Legislature

The issue seems to be the amount of signatures needed and language that allows the recall for "any lawful reason" - which sounds like they may be pushing for a judicial recall/malfeasance standard recall, rather than a political one.

Uxbridge's town hall approved the recall provision, but the Selectmen seem to be slow walking it and now trying to replace the citizens petition.

Alaska: ACLU of Alaska filed brief in favor of Homer City Council members opposing June 13 recall

The ACLU of Alaska has filed suit claiming that the recall effort against Council members Donna Aderhold, David Lewis and Catriona Reynolds over their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline is should not be on the ballot due to Alaska law (and a question of free speech).

The free speech part of the claim is odd and out of place, but the councilmembers case against the recall is actual quite strong. Alaska is a judicial recall/malfeasance standard state and courts will frequently throw out recalls that don't meet the for cause statute (though they have allowed a number of recalls to go forward). Here's a copy of the complaint.

Rhode Island: Providence Journal endorses recall of indicted Councilman Kevin Jackson


Philippines: Cebu Mayor facing recall threat

Mayor Tommy Osmena won a rematch in 2016, but his opponent Mike Rama appears to be pushing for a recall, even as they wait for the results of a recount.

Massachusetts: Bridgewater Councilwoman who won office in recall loses re-election run

Sandra Wright won office in the 2012 recall race. After losing a state senate race, she lost her re-election run 88-78.

Iowa: Logan city council shrinkage showed the issue with lack of recalls

Firings of City Administrator Angela Winther and City Attorney (back in 2012), led to a 2013 law that cut the size of the city council from 5 to 3 members. The council is now looking to add back the two members. What's interesting is that Winther (who was hired back after a lawsuit) notes that Iowa doesn't have recall elections, seemingly blaming that failure for the reason for the shrinkage.

Wisconsin: Superior Councilor facing calls for resignation after criminal charges filed

City Councilor Graham Garfield is facing charges after pointing a loaded gun at his fiance, with Mayor Jim Paine calling for his resignation. Garfield was reelected to the council by one vote last year, so a recall cannot start until he is in office one year.

Colorado: Signatures handed in against Frederick Mayor and trustees

320 signatures were handed in against Mayor Tony Carey and Board Trustees Fred Skates and Donna Hudziak. The issues were the approval of a four-story building that exceeded land-use height requirements, a restaurant that was too close to residential properties and a $5.6 million budget deficit.

There's also apparently a recall effort led by a failed Trustee candidate Mike Schiers against two other trustee members, Rocky Figurilli and Salvatore SeSantis, due to their alleged vote against developments.

Petitioners need 25% of turnout, which in Carey's case seems to be 146 signatures.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Michigan: Flint Mayoral recall appeal going to a judge

Mayor Karen Weaver is appealing the approval of a recall petition against her to a Circuit Court Judge -- with the hearing set for today. The recall language is over an emergency waste collection contract that she signed that the city council voted against. Petitioners would need about 5800 signatures.

Update: The Judge allowed the recall to move forward.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

North Dakota: Article on recalling Ward County Commissioner

The resignation of the Ward County Sheriff Steve Kukowski with a $75,000 payout has led to discussion of recall efforts against County Chairman Larry Louser and Commissioner John Fjeldahl. Petitioners would need 6927 signatures to get on the ballot, though it would have to get to the ballot by November.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Arizona:A look back at Arizona legislators push to cut back on initiatives and recalls

The Arizona Republic has a great look at how legislators worked to make signature gathering much more difficult. They could have submitted it to the voters, but they figured the voters would kill it.

Of particular note is that Strict Compliance, which overturns the Arizona Supreme Court decision holding that the recall is so important that a "substantial compliance" doctrine should be in effect. That means that Arizona recall petitions will now have a much higher burden to get on the ballot.

Louisiana: Welsh Alderman facing petitions

Alderman Jacob Colby Perry is facing petitions over claims that he has disrupted government and refused to acknowledge that his accusations are unfounded. Perry is out of the country on military duty.

Petitioners need at least 695 signatures (33 1/3 of registered voters) in 180 days.

Missouri: Springfield City Council member facing recall effort

Councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky, who recently lost a mayoral race, is facing a recall effort led by a longtime vocal critic, with claims that she is unable to cooperate, vindictive and a bad leader. Fulnecky has called other council members the "Gang of Five" and criticized a pilot program to connect panhandlers with jobs. The city council approved a report that said she was not eligible to run for the council because she failed to obtain and pay for a city business license for seven straight years.

Petitioners need 7774 signatures to get on the ballot.

The last successful recall and removal in Springfield was against Councilmember John Wilson in 1996. There were two recent campaigns against former Mayor Bob Stephens and against councilman Justin Burnett (who resigned following nipplegate). Neither got to the ballot.

Colorado: Four protests filed against signatures in Broomfield Mayor Pro Tem recall

The protest is an attempt to stop the recall against Mayor Pro Tem Greg Stokes (who is term-limited out this year). The article notes some residents claiming a partisan tilt to the recall, with conservative Republicans pushing the effort.

Maine: Op-ed by Maine Senator on his proposed recall law

Here -- I've discussed this one point before, but someone put out the idea that three-quarters of the recalls in the US have taken place on the local level. It is really probably about 99% on the local level.

Colorado: Fremont County Sheriff facing petitions

Signature gathering has started in a recall against Sheriff Jim Beicker. One of the leaders of the petitions is a resident who found evidence from a 2006 homicide in a storage unit that he bought at an auction. The Sheriff's office was also in the news for seizing horses under an animal cruelty claim, though some of them were returned by judicial order.

Petitioners would need about 4,000 signatures, and there is a claim that the recall would cost about $85,000.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Washington: Petitions taken out against Black Diamond Councilmembers

Council members Pat Pepper and Erika Morgan are facing petitions. The treasurer for one of the recall PACs is a former councilman. Since Washington is a judicial recall/malfeasance standard state, the petition claims that the two violated different rules, including the Open Public Meetings Act and usurping the authority of Mayor Carol Benson.

The councilmembers claim that the leader of the petition is the wife of former Councilman Ron Taylor, who lost to Pepper in the last election. PEtitioners would need 262 signatures for Pepper and 393 for Morgan.

Massachusetts: Judge rejects attempt to stop Townsend recall


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

North Dakota: Fargo Commissioner welcomes recall

Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn said in a radio interview that he welcomes the special election over his push for a study on the impact refugee resettlement. Petitioners need about 3500 signatures by May 12. Piepkorn won office with 21% of the vote, so it could be an interesting race.

California: SJ Mercury News columnist looks at DA opposition to recall of Santa Clara Judge


New Mexico: Tucumcari Commissioners recalls set for June 13

Recalls against Mayor Ruth Ann Litchfield and Commissioners Ralph Moya and Amy Guiterrez is scheduled for June 13. The petition against Mayor Pro Tem Robert Lumpkin failed to qualify. The issue is fines that the petitioner would get for keeping rusting equipment on their property.

North Dakota: Signatures handed in for Bismarck Mayor recall

Petitioners have handed in close to 2500 signatures against Mayor Mike Seminary. They need 1898 valids. Seminary is up for reelection in 2018.

Alaska: Three Haines Borough Assembly members facing recall threats

Borough Assembly members Heather Lende, Tom Morphet and Tresham Gregg are facing recall threats over claims of Open Meeting Act violations and pressuring the police department to perform duties to benefit their private businesses (Morphet owns the Chilkat Valley News, the others are a writer and an artist). The battle seems to be about the police department providing a police blotter, which the newspaper would be able to run.

Haines is called the adventure capital of Alaska. Petitioners need 258 signatures in 60 days for each.

India: Editorial opposed to push for recall law


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Arizona: Governor facing petitions over school vouchers

Governor Doug Ducey's signing of legislation that will expand the school voucher program (and his support of a bill that bans paying signature-gathers for initiatives at a per signature rate) has led to what the Arizona Republic calls a "gadfly" filing a recall effort against Ducey.

California: Santa Clara County Judge gets backing from D.A.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen has endorsed Judge Aaron Persky in his attempt to defeat a recall effort for the perceived lenient sentencing of a Stanford athlete in a sexual assault trial. Rosen had criticized Persky's sentencing in the trial.

Persky had already received endorsements from two other district attorneys. Recall advocates have raised moe than $400,000; Persky has raised $64,618.

Florida: Sweetwater mayoral recall effort tossed by judge, appealed by PAC

A Political Action Committee is filing an appeal for a judicial ruling tossing out the recall effort against Mayor Orlando Lopez (who also serves as city manager). Lopez missed five commission meetings and workshops, and the ruling holds that these absences are not a reason to allow a recall to go forward.

California: Gas tax vote leads to recall effort against State Senator

State Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) is facing a recall effort led by Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego Councilman and losing Republican candidate for San Diego Mayor against Bob Filner and for Congress, is facing a recall threat over the vote to raise the fas tax as part of a $52 billion road repair package.

DeMaio seems to suggest that this is part of a plan to take the Democrats down from their supermajority control over the legislature. The recall effort against Senator Jeff Dunham in 2008 was a mirror image of this (where the Democrats were hoping to get a supermajority).
Read more here:

Nebraska: Table Rock Board member resigned before recall

Table Rock Village Board member Wayne Schulenberg faced a recall petition over claims of violations of the Open Meeting Act. Petitioners had enough signatures to get on the ballot so Schulenberg (and two other board members) resigned.

Oklahoma: Recall launched against Colbert Mayor and city council members

Mayor Roxanne Reed and council members Louis Presley and Terry Bell are facing a recall petition. The issue seems to be the firing of the former police chief (and the use of emergency meetings).

Washington: A look at Seattle mayor recalls

Jumping off of the criticism of Mayor Ed Murray, this article looks at the trouble Seattle mayors have faced.
In 1975, Mayor Wes Uhlman survived a recall by a 2-1 ratio. The recall was launched by firefighters and City Light employees over a progressive hiring practice.

In 1931, Mayor Frank Edwards was kicked out for firing the head of City Lights.

In 1911, Hiram Gill was kicked out very shortly after his election over his support for opening the city to "brothels and gambling parlors." Gill than came back and won the office in 1914 and 1916.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

California: Newport Beach Councilman gets unusual bedfellow in opposing recall

Councilman Scott Peotter (R), who is facing a recall threat over  , is being defended by a moderate Democrat. The recall is over Peotter's opposition to a fire station and library, disclosure of closed-session information, his use of a city seal on an emailed newsletter opposing the Supreme Court gay marriage decision and insulting comments, as well as his support for a 25 story condo development.

And here's Peotter's op-ed in the LA Times opposing the recall effort.

Colorado: Outside hearing officer hired to hear any protest of Broomfield Mayor Pro Tem recall effort

The recall against Mayor Pro Tem Greg Stokes over his vote against an oil & gas moratorium seems to be moving forward. Petitioners handed in 1350 signatures, and hot 1169 approved.

The council hired an outside monitor to prevent the City and County Clerk from having any perception of bias in case a protest is filed. The recall against Stokes has not been set yet. The cost is estimated to be $60,000, and Stokes is termlimited out in November.

Maine: State Senator proposes recall law for state

Senator Jusin Chenette (D) has proposed a recall law for the state that "give power back into the hands of the people." The bill seems to be a malfeasance standard/judicial recall variety, requiring neglect of duty, misuse of office, incompetence, crime, obstruction of voter-approved initiatives or violating election laws. There's a thought that it is about Gov. Le Page, though since the governor is term limited (at least for consecutive terms), it won't affect him. The Maine Municipal Association took a stand against the rule.

The bill requires 15% of turnout, with a very interesting provision that the signers be proportional to party affiliation of the turnout.

Rhode Island: Board of Elections rejects argument against Providence Councilman recall


Friday, April 14, 2017

Michigan: State Senator facing recall effort after conspiracy charges filed

Senator Bert Johnson (D), who was indicted by a federal jury over hiring a ghost employee and paying her $23,134, which was allegedly done to pay off  a personal loan. The employee pled guilty in another case. Robert Davis, who has filed numerous recall petitions against Governor Rick Snyder and was sentenced to 18 months in prison for embezzlement in December 2014, started the recall effort.  Petitioners need 14,474 signatures.

New Jersey: Park Ridge mayor resigns

Mayor Terry Maguire resigned after facing a recall petition over the handling of affordable-housing negotiations.

North Dakota: City Attorney claims Fargo Commissioner recall not allowed

There's a battle between Secretary of State Al Jaeger and Fargo City Attorney Erik Johnson over whether the recall of City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn is allowed under North Dakota law. The recall is over a bill that would let communities stop refugee resettlement in the area. Jaeger allowed signature gathering to begin -- petitioners need 3504 signatures. Johnson claims that the upcoming election runs over the one year grace period before an election. The issue is when that day starts -- Piepkorn is facing a vote on June 12, 2018.

Nevada: Storey Sheriff survives recall vote

Sheriff Gerald Antinoro beat back his recall vote over accusations of sexual harassment, wrongful termination and budget improprieties. The sheriff claimed that the recall was launched because of stricter enforcement by the department of a brothel owned by Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman (Gilman's Tahoe Reno Industrial Center spent $142,000 in support of the recall). The vote was 883-601.

Nevada: State Supreme Court rules that Judges aren't subjected to recall law

In its long delayed ruling, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled 4-2 that judges are not subject to the state's recall law. Both the ruling and the dissent hold that judges are "public officers" as provided for in the recall law, but the majority ruled that the recall law was superseded by the 1976 creation of the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline. According to the majority, the fact that the act creating the Commission didn't specifically mention recalls removed the recall as an option for future judges.

My recommendation is to read the dissent as I think the majority decision is a poorly reasoned one. The majority ruling is a very tortured way to protect judges from the recall -- one that other states very clearly don't follow. Allowing for impeachment or removal by a commission is very common -- it is odd and extremely unlikely that voters were voting to remove the recall at the same time that they were putting forth another method of removing judges.Nevada happens to have a very challenging recall law, thanks to another unusual Supreme Court ruling in 2010 that severely constricted the voters' ability to use recalls (a decision later signed into law with a later bill. Both may actually violate federal law as stated in Bush v. Gore).

The dissent also discussed the technicalities over the signatures against Ramsey, which was the original basis of her suit against the recall, but that is not handled by the majority.

Unstated in any coverage is that the Supreme Court issued this ruling after an incredibly long delay, one that allowed any voter anger to completely dissipate by the time the ruling was handed down. The recall was brought against North Las Vegas Municipal Judge Catherine Ramsey back in 2015. The Supreme Court took the case in July 2015, and heard oral arguments in October 2015. In that time, Ramsey admitted to misconduct, was barred from seeking reelection (she tried to run another seat), suspended, had to write apologies, take a fitness test and the city eliminated the judgeship. Does the Nevada Supreme Court normally take a year and a half to rule on election law cases or was this more of a gutless dodge?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Colorado: Park Hospital District Board resigns

All five members of the Park Hospital Board of Directors resigned effective May 1. Chair Diana Van Der Ploeg, Chuck Levine and Ryan White all were facing recall fights claimed bulling of hospital employees, White's address which may have been out of the district and Van Der Ploeg's serving a second term. The two other board members, Gerald Mayo and Steve Murphree, supported the recall.

North Dakota: Op-ed against recall of Fargo Councilman


Taiwan: Recall effort continues against New Power Party Executive Chairman

Recall efforts continue against Chairman and legislator Huang Kuo-chang over his support for marriage equality. Petitioners passed the first stage and are looking to collect 25,119 signatures.

Missouri: Lee's Summit Councilman kicked out

Councilman Chris Moreno was kicked out in a recall , 1634-956 (turnout at 63%).Moreno was in the news over his bankruptcy and a press conference against Target's transgender bathroom policy.

Rhode Island: Providence Councilmember fighting recall in court


California: Newport Beach Councilman facing recall threats

Councilman Scott Peotter, a controversial conservative member of the council who emailed supporters in 2015 to criticize the gay marriage ruling, is facing a recall threat. Peotter is already fundraising off of the recall.

Update: Peotter has been served -- petitioners need about 8500 signatures.

Alabama: Editorial faults lack of recall for "Love Gov" Robert Bentley's continued political survival


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Massachusetts: Barre Selectman removed in recall fails in write-in return effort

Selectman Richard P. Jankauskas, who was removed in a recall, received 192 write-in votes against one of the leaders of his recall effort. Gregory O'Sullivan beat Robert Milkman Jr. 310-120 in the race.

Colorado: Four Otis Councilmembers removed

Councilmembers Linda Bethel (11-25), Lana Rogers (123-16), Jesse Stackhouse (106-32) and Sue Stackhouse (104-33) were all removed. The recall seemed to be over a discussion in an executive session.

Rhode Island: Column explains City Council's "special inquiry" over Providence recall

Here's a look at what the special inquiry was an attempt to help Councilman Kevin Jackson, with 8 of the 15 councilmembers boycotting the inquiry.

Massachusetts: Uxbridge recall effort might move forward

While local officials apparently tried to kill the recall by not sending the proposal up to the legislator, the town's State Senator and State Representative have asked for it to be moved forward.

India: A look at proposals for a recall in India


Maryland: Bowie Mayor and councilmembers facing petitions

Bowie Mayor G. Frederick Robinson and Councilmembers Diane Polangin and Jimmy Marcos are facing recall efforts over a 4-3 decision to allow an old Marketplace shopping center to put apartments in a revitalization plan.

Alaska: Three Haines Borough Assembly facing petitions

Assembly members Tom Morphet, Heather Lende and Tresham Gregg are facing recall threats after the Assembly voted 4-2 to fire the firmer manager. There is also a claim that they violated an Open Meeting Act over a potential extension on the harbor project's breakwater. Morphet and Lende were elected six month ago, and one of the losing candidates was a sponsor of the petitions. Petitioners would need 258 signatures.

Update: This is moving forward

Missouri: Ferguson Mayor wins reelection race

Mayor James Knowles survived a reelection run -- Knowles almost faced a recall vote last year, with signatures just missing the total (though I've called into question this reading of Missouri recall law in Ferguson's case).

Missouri: Lee's Summit City Councilman ousted in recall vote

Councilman Chris Moreno was voted out with 63% casting ballots for his removal. He will be replaced by appointment. Moreno came under fire for his personal finances and bankruptcy issues, campaign finance issues, calls for limiting public comments on certain issues and a protest he held against Target's transgendered bathroom policy.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rhode Island: Five Councilmembers refuse to attend meeting on recall of Councilman

The meeting is to look into irregularities in the recall process in the recall of Councilman Kevin Jackson. The councilmembers feel that any possible complaints need to go to the courts or the regulatory bodies, not to the council.

Nigeria: State House of Assembly Speaker facing recall attempt

Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly Chief Chikwendu Kalu is facing a recall threat after claims that he received N1.2 million for a legal client to buy land and then accused the client of breaking in and stealing the money.He now claims that he said it was stolen and he refunded the money. The recall procedure is under Section 110 of the 1999 Constitution.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

California: San Francisco Mayoral recall fails

No signatures were handed in for the recall of Mayor Ed Lee.

California: Antioch School Board member facing second recall effort

Board member Debra Vinson is facing the second petition over claims that she mistreated school employees and made racial comments. The first petition failed because it exceeded the 200 word maximum by 26 words.

Missouri: Ferguson Mayor facing reelection race

The recall effort failed but now comes the reelection race.

Michigan: Westland City Council President recall petition approved

Petitions against City Council President James Godbut have been approved over his vote in favor of a citywide lighting assessment, a raise in water rates and a $10 million bond issue. Petitioners need about 5500 signatures.

Massachusetts: Uxbridge Selectmen fail to submit recall provision to legislature

Voters approved a recall provision for local officials at a special town meeting. However, the board of selectmen failed to forward the petition to the state legislature. It's not clear what the next steps will be.

California: Sonoma County Sheriff announced won't seek reelection

Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas is not running for reelection after facing criticism over the shooting death of a middle schooler in 2013. A group recently claimed that they would try to recall Freitas over the shooting and over his position to work with federal immigration agents over possible deportation of inmates.

Texas: Controversy over Lubbock Councilman recall fails due to lack of petitioner signature

The recall effort against Councilman Floyd Price, which saw 631 signatures handed in (508 are needed, 10% must have voted for Price in 2012), appears to have failed because the City Secretary claims that affidavits were not signed by the petitioner. Petitioner Gordon Harris claims that the City Secretary said he had all he needed when he handed in the petitions. Harris intends to run for the city council seat.

Lubbock is also witnessing a recall against Councilman Victor Hernandez on November 5 led by former county commissioner Ysidro Gutierrez.

Massachusetts: Townsend Selectman files complain arguing recall invalid and unlawful

Selectman Cindy King, who is facing a recall over an investigation of the police department, is claiming that the recall should operate under a malfeasance standard/judicial recall law and needed a set group of causes listed. The petition listed malfeasance and neglect of duties, though it should like a judge will have to decided if it meets the requirement.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

New Mexico: Tucumcari commissioners recalls on the ballot

The recall effort against Mayor Ruth Ann Litchfield (27/needed 17) and commissioners Amy Gutierrez (25/22 needed) and Ralph Moya (29/26 needed) have enough signatures to get to the ballot. Petitioners pushed the issue over fines that he got for keeping rusting equipment on his property.

The petition against the fourth commissioner Robert Lumpkin failed. Petitioner handed in 30 signatures, but 11 were tossed. He needed 23.

Arizona: Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District members facing recall effort

Board members Patti Lewis and Vic Riccardi are facing recall efforts which Lewis claims is being pushed by the firefighters union. The board voted 3-2 to temporarily rehire the former fire chief, though many firefighters and staff opposed the decision.

California: Second recall effort started against Lake Forest Councilman

A second recall effort has been started against Councilman Andrew Hamilton. The first one against Hamilton and other councilmembers over a road failed last year, though plenty of signatures were handed in. The petitioner claimed that Hamilton backed out of a discussion about a crosswalk, though the petition is about a vote in favor of contracting with the Orange County Animal, which has been criticized for a high-kill rate and dilapidated facilities. There's also a claim that he videotaped residents, looked to rezone a nursery and created aliases to post blogs about other councilmembers and created Facebook accounts with false information.

Petitioners would need 8834 signatures.

California: Oakdale Irrigation District recall on track

Supporters of board member Linda Santos filed a report claiming fraud, though it appears to have been rejected by the police department.

Rhode Island: Providence City Council calls special meeting over councilman recall


Arizona: ex-Superior Mayor who was recalled last year pleads guilty for misdemeanor attempted theft, not serving time

Mayor Frank "Jayme" Valenzuela, who was removed in a recall in August 2016, plead guilty to misdemeanor attempted theft of town funds and will be sentenced to up to three years probation. Valenzuela was accused of using the town credit card for $2300 in cash withdrawals, including one at a casino. He was also fired from his job as a Pinal County jail commander.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Belize: Former Deputy Prime Minister facing recall effort

Former United Democratic Party Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega is facing recall threats. He has been absent from six sittings of the House. Vega's son was paid for lands repossed by the government that were illegally given to him by his father, and then was paid $400,000 for the land.

Arizona: Whetstone Water Improvement District Board recall scheduled for May 16

Board President Tim Sulger and members Leonard Howell and Robert "Buddy" Tinney are facing a May 16 recall vote, though the district may lose a $500,000 grant from the Border Environment Cooperation Commission because of concerns about the project. The issue was firing three employees over repairs to a well and the use of unlicensed contractors to do the well repair.

North Dakota: Bismarck Mayoral recall claims over 2000 signatures

Petitioners against Mayor Mike Seminary need 1898 to get on the ballot.

Colorado: New Park Hospital District recall started

Park Hospital District board members Gerald Mayo and Steve Murphree are facing recall efforts. The two have been in favor of the recall move against fellow board members Diana Van Der Ploeg, Ryan White and Chuck Levine. Petitioners need about 300 signatures.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Virginia: Roanoke Times editorial on whether state should have recall law

Here -- discussing the recall trials issue and a bill by Delegate Rich Anderson (R) that would allow for recalls. The editorial seems to focus on having a malfeasance standard recall rather than a political one.

Louisiana: Petitions filed against indicted Ascension Parish President

Parish President Kenny Matassa is facing a petition after his indictment on bribery charges. Petitioners would need 25,175 signatures (33 1/3 of registered voters) in 180 days.In addition to he bribery charges, there is a reports that he gave his brother, the director of the parish' mosquito control program, a 20% raise, though that is in dispute.

Alaska: Homer petitions approved for signature gathering

Petitions against City Council members Donna Aderhold, David Lewis and Catriona Reynolds, over their support for a resolution on the Dakota Access Pipeline -- and what sponsors claim would create a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants (though I'm not clear where that is from), have been approved for the first stage. Petitioners would need 373 signatures each.

These recalls may fail the judicial review stage. Additionally, they must get the petitions for Lewis and Reynolds in by April 11, because their terms are up for reelection in October (though that seems a little unclear as well -- any petition must be received within 180 days of the end of the term, and if the election is in October, the end of the term is likely in January).

Louisiana: Jefferson Parish President recall effort heading for failure

The lead petitioners against President Mike Yenni over his sexting scandal acknowledged that they are nowhere near the 90,000 signatures needed to get a recall on the ballot. Petitioners have spent about $120,000 and claim to have gotten somewhere in the order of 45,000 signatures.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Michigan: One of two Algonac City Council recall moving forward

The recall against Councilman Joe Nugent was approved in a clarity hearing, though the petition against Councilwoman Irene Bird was rejected. The petition claims that both denied attending meeting with church officials about moving into a school building. The petition also claimed that Bird had a role in ousting the City Manager before he resigned.

Maine: Chesterville looking to adopt recall law

The recall law, which would mimic the one in Fayette, has the support of all five selectmen. 317 of the 747 voters on November 8 signed a petition to adopt it.

A somewhat difficult to understand law -- petitioners would first need 10% of turnout in the last gubernatorial election to get the petition going (though there is no time frame for that stage), then they seem to have 20 days to get the petition up to 20% of registered voters. They need turnout to be above 50% of turnout at the last gubernatorial election.

If the selectmen fail to order an election (which happens all the time), a notary public can call one if the 10% of gubernatorial turnout sign a petition. It does not spell out the mechanics for that notary public-called recall.

New Jersey: Roseland Councilmen facing recall threats over text message scandal

Councilmen Thomas Tsilonis and David Jacobs are facing recall threats after they sent text messages with racial and ethnic slurs to the male members of the (apparently, all Republican) governing council. Both agreed to resign, but then pulled back. Jacobs has not yet served a full year, so he might not be eligible yet. There's also talk of a "clean sweep" of the council.

Petitioners need 1385 signatures in 180 days.

UK: UKIP biggest financial backer threatens recall election against only MP

I'm not sure how this would be allowed, but Arron Banks who gave one million pounds to the UKIP had his membership lapse after he was skeptical of Paul Nuttall's leadership. He has suggested he would use a recall petition to trigger a by-election against UKIP's against Douglas Carswell, UKIP's only MP.

Canada: CAPE Union leader survives recall vote

Emmanuelle Tremblay, the president of the country's third largest federal union, Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE), survived a recall vote. 1768 members voted, the vote was 51-49% in favor of the recall, but they needed 2/3rds to get on the ballot.

California: Santa Ana Mayor facing recall effort

Mayor Miguel Pulido, who has been the mayor for 23 years and on the council for 31, is facing a recall effort over a land swap and cuts to a community program. Petitioners need 10,392 signatures.

Arizona: Buckeye Mayor recall effort fails

The recall effort against Mayor Jackie Meck over high water bills is likely to fail. Petitioners need 1718 signatures, they claim to be 500 short with a March 22 deadline.

California: Recall effort against Santa Clara Judge pushed till next spring

The recall effort against Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky is now being delayed until next year. Petitioners have announced that they will not try to get a recall on the ballot on November, but instead wait until the June 5, 2018 primary election.  The cost for a special in November is estimated to be $6.8 million, a vote on the 2018 primary day is estimated to be $576,000.

The recall is over the lenient sentence of a Stanford student/athlete for sexual assault. Petitioners would need 58,634 signatures. The recall leader claims that they have raised more than $350,000 for the effort.

India: A look at recall laws and whether the country should add a recall


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Jersey: Park Ridge mayor facing petitions over affordable housing obligation

Mayor Terry Maguire is facing a recall effort over Park Ridge's affordable housing obligations.  They claim that he refused to obtain a vacant land analysis and failed to be transparent in the negotiations. Petitioners need 25% of registered voters (about 1600 signatures) in 160 days.

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Chief recall failed

The effort against Chief Phyliss J. Anderson failed to get enough signatures -- They needed 40% of registered voters to sign.

Nebraska: History event -- US Senator was willing to submit to recall in 1917

Interesting bit of history:

1917: U.S. Sen. George W. Norris, R-Neb., said he was willing to submit to a special recall election. He was being criticized for opposing the bill to permit merchant ships to be armed to defend themselves against German submarines.

Texas: Odessa Councilman facing recall threats

Councilman Malcolm Hamilton is facing recall threats over claims that he is abusing his position (he's served less than three months), including threatening the Salvation Army and trying to intervene in an arrest. He has also called for the firing of the City Manager and claims of corruption. For a recall to get on the ballot, petitioners need at least 2,000 signatures.

Nevada: Storey County Sheriff recall scheduled for April 11

The recall against Sheriff Gerald Antinoro over sexual harassment and wrongful termination claims is scheduled for April 11. Petitioners got over 600 signatures, they needed 477.

Rhode Island: Providence City Council recall scheduled for May 2nd


Friday, March 10, 2017

Michigan: Language approved in Flint Mayor recall

Mayor Karen Weaver is facing petitions over her support for a waste collection contract -- this is fourth time they've tried to get language approved.

Michigan: Another recall filed against Warren Mayor

Mayor James Fouts, who has faced recall threats over abusive language including tapes where he says children with learning disabilities should be "lined up and Kervorianed" is facing another attempt by Joseph Hunt, who lost a primary race for mayor in 2011 and a Republican primary in 2016 for Macomb County Public Works Commissioner. There have been numerous threats against Fouts.

Alaska: Three Homer City Council members facing recall threats

City Council members Donna Aderhold, David Lewis and Catriona Reynolds are facing recall threats over claims that they participated in political activities, including voting for a resolution opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline and their vote on a resolution calling for inclusiveness for all individuals (the resolution initially had clauses opposing President Trump).

Alaska is a judicial recall/malfeasance standard state, so it is likely they would need judicial approval to move forward. Petitioners would need 373 signatures (25% of turnout).

Australia: Independent Candidate pushing for recall law

Dave Schumacher is proposing that recalls come to Australia.

Texas: Hearne recall not on May 6 ballot

The recall against Councilmember Rodrick Jackson has not been scheduled due to the board deadlock. So far, it sounds like the recall may have difficulty getting on the ballot despite having enough signatures.

Arizona: Liberty School Board meeting leads to calls for recalls

The meeting was called to criticize the superintendent, leading his supporters to call for recalls of school board members.

California: SJ Mercury News column against recalling Santa Clara Judge Aaron Persky


Rhode Island: Providence City Council taking time to schedule recall

The recall of Councilman Kevin Jackson has not been scheduled yet -- the council has to schedule within 60 days -- otherwise, well, we would see what would happen. The article claims the request would be nullified, but it probably would just go to court.

California: Tulare Regional Medical Center Board Vice Chair recall set for July 11

This is against Dr. Parmod Kumar -- July 11 is the last day possible for a recall to be scheduled.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Florida: Sweetwater Mayor recall moves to second stage

Mayor Orlando Lopez, who appears to also be the city's manager, has a recall moving forward after missing five commission meetings and workshops during a financial crisis. Petitioners got 1779 signatures, which allows the recall to move to the second stage, where they need about 1500 signatures.

Lopez is claiming fraud in the signature gathering process by a fired police officer. Lopez claims to have affidavits from 47 voters.

Read more here:

Friday, March 3, 2017

Rhode Island: Providence Councilman recall makes the ballot

The recall  of Councilman Kevin Jackson (D), who was indicted for alleged embezzlment and campign finance violations has enough signatures to make the ballot according to the City Administrator of Elections. Petitioners got 2383 verified signatures, they needed 2072. Jackson was previously the council's majority leader.

California: Montebello School District Board members facing petitions

School Board President Lani Cupchoy and member Benjamin Cardenas are facing petitions led by a resident who lost a 2015 city council race. Both have terms ending in November. Petitioners would need about 10,000 signatures each to get them on the ballot.

The petition makes a number of rather extensive claims, with a focus on "back-room deals" and misusing school funds, as well as claims of a hit list against employees. The petitioner's father is running for one of the spots -- the father was the CFO and COO of the district before being fired in November, as was the Superintendent. 

South Dakota: Mitchell mayor facing petitions over claims of drunkeness

Mayor Jerry Toomey is facing a recall effort over claims of drunkenness and incompetence. Petitioners need 1455 signatures.

North Dakota: Fargo City Commissioner facing recall threat

Commissioner Dave Piepkorn is facing threats for recalls over his position on resettling refugees in the area -- he has supported a bill that would have let communities seek suspensions of refugee resettlement. Some of the petitioners are Somali refugees. Petitioners would need 3218 signatures in 90 days. The election could not be held after June. Here's more.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Washington: Recall effort against State Senator goes to judge

The ongoing recall effort against state Senator Doug Ericksen (R) will now be heard by a Whatcom Superior Court Judge, who will rule if there is a cause of action for the recall (Washington is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, therefore there must be a decision on whether the recall meets a set criteria of misbehavior to go forward). Ericksen has been working as the EPA's communications lead for the Trump transition team.

If a recall got to the ballot, petitioners would need 18,600 signatures in six months. The replacement would be appointed by the County Council from a list of three names handed in by the Whatcom County Republican Party. If the recall takes place before May 15, there will be a replacement race in 2017 -- if after, the race waits until 2018.

Colorado: Broomfield City Council member facing recall threats

Petitions have been filed against Councilman Greg Stokes by Broomfield Clean Air and Water activists -- the issue appears to votes against an oil & gas moratorium. No word yet on how many signatures would be needed.

India: BJP MP pushes for recall bill

BJP MP Varun Gandhi has proposed an amendment which would adopt a recall law for MPs. The bar that he is setting for a recall is incredibly high -- it appears that he is proposing that the recall must win 75% to end in removal.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

North Carolina: Editorial calls for expanding recall to state legislators while expanding their terms to four years and introducing term limits

Representative Harry Warren (R) has proposed a law expanding state lawmakers terms from two to four years and adding in term limits (among other things). This editorial in the Wilson Times also suggests adding in a recall provision. This actually mirrors the early 1910s reasons that some gave for adopting recalls, where it was tied in with expanding terms for legislators.

New Yorker story on 1951 proposed recall amendment for presidents

Here's a look back to 1951 at a proposed presidential recall by New Jersey Senator Robert Hendrickson (R) for a constitutional amendment to recall the president. This was following Harry Truman's firing of General Douglas MacArthur for insubordination during the Korean War.

This quasi-recall would require two-thirds of the state legislatures to demand a recall of the president, and those two-thirds would have to equal two-thirds of the electoral college. Needless to say, this idea went nowhere, much as other attempts to extend the recall to federal officials.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Washington, DC: Police union head survives recall vote

Sergeant Matthew Mahl, the head of the police union (and a gay man, as noted quite prominently in this story) survived a recall vote. They needed 2/3rds of voters to got against, the vote was 595-387 in favor of removal (60 percent). Turnout was seemingly low, 982 votes out of 3600 officers.

The issue appears to be that there wasn't strong enough negotiation for pay.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Texas: San Angelo Councilman resigns under threat of recall

Councilman Bill Richardson, who came under a fire of criticism for a Facebook post asking non-Hispanic citizens to keep a written record of their encounters with Hispanic police officers has submitted a letter of resignation following the release of a audio recording of the incident. Richardson was threatened with a recall effort by the San Angelo Law Enforcement Spouses Association, and it sounds like they had already started getting the petitioning effort going.

California: Recall filed against mayor and four councilmembers after City Clerk hit with restraining order

Mayor Ramon Medina and councilmembers Eduardo De La Riva, Sergio Calderon, Thomas Martin and Ricardo Villarreal are all facing recall threats. Medina and the City Attorney filed a restraining order to keep City Clerk Gerardo Mayagoitia out of City Hall over claims that he threatened the mayor. Mayagoitia  (who is reported to be planning a run for the city council) and Councilman De La Riva has criticized the hiring of City Manager Reuben Martinez, who they claim was hired because he was a longtime customer of Medina's auto repair shop.

Maywood has had significant issues over the years and had to shut down it police department after being on the verge of bankruptcy in 2010 -- oddly, the city was set to hand over administrative responsibilities to the city of Bell, which became the poster boy for local corruption.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nevada: Storey County Sheriff recall gets signatures

Sheriff Gerald Antinoro appears to be facing a recall over his excessive settlement from sexual harassment cases. Petitioners handed in 491 valid signatures, they needed 477.

Massachusetts: Signatures handed in against Townsend selectmen

Signatures were handed in against Selectmen Gordon Clark and Cindy King over claimed that they neglected their duties and numerous claims about handling the police leadership. Petitioners claim they have more than 700 signatures. If approved, it seems that there will be a second stage, where petitioners need signatures from 10% of registered voters, which seems to be about 639. Most likely those earlier signatures count for this effort.

Last year Clark and Selectman Carolyn Smart faced recall efforts, but both failed.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Arizona: House passes bill designed to limit use of initiative

The bill also requires strict construction with petition laws rather than substantial compliance -- an issue that came up during the recall of Arizona State President Russell Pearce. The bill will also ban the use of paid circulars.

Virginia: Charlottesville Court hearing Vice Mayor Recall effort

The recall effort against Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy was heard by a circuit court. The issue was racially-charged tweets.

The signature amount is up for debate, as each voter cast ballots three times for three open council seats. So the question is whether the signatures needed are 527 or 1580.

Texas: Editorial calls for San Angelo City Council member to resign

Councilman Bill Richardson has been facing recall threats and pushes to resign following his Facebook post against Hispanic officers. Here's an editorial by the Standard-Times calling for his removal.

California: Otay Water District Board Member under threats over tweets against Muslims

Water District Board Member Hector Gastelum (R) is facing recall threats after negative tweets about Muslims with a #SubhumanMonsters hashtag. Gastelum won his first term in November.

California: Tulare Regional Medical Center Board not scheduling recall

The recall of board member Dr. Parmod Kumar has not yet been scheduled, as the board ignored election officials who recommended dates for the recall vote. Thanks to California law, the board is irrelevant for the procedure, as the election officials will schedule the vote. It must take place by July 11.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Colorado: Otis Town Council recall scheduled for April 10 (Update: Now the 4th)

The recall against Otis Town Councilmembers Jesse and Sue Stackhouse, Lana Rogers, Lacie Denney, Jennifer Brandon and Linda Bethel was scheduled for April 10.

The petition was started by a former board member, Leon Payne. The issue seemed to be a heated debate over an executive session.

Update: The election was changed to April 4.

Tennessee: State Senator files legislation to give Rutherford County recall law

Senator Bill Ketron is introducing a bill giving Rutherford County the ability to hold recalls, though it will be limited to officials who were indicted on felony charges. The issue came to the fore over former-Sheriff Robert Arnold's indictment (and later guilty plea) for extortion, wire fraud and honest services fraud.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

California: Orange County Register editorial calls for potential recall of Orange Coast College Trustees

A brouhaha in Orange Coast College has led for an editorial calling for the Board of Trustees potential recall. A student recorded an instructor during class making negative comments about the election of Donald Trump, including calling it an "act of terrorism" and then calling on students who voted for Trump to stand and be counted. The student was then punished for recording on school grounds without consent and required him to write a letter of apology and three page essay before returning to class.

The editorial calls for the student to be reinstated with an apology and for the instructor to be reprimanded.

Wisconsin: Green Bay Mayor survives council vote for removal; Recall next?

An attempt to remove Mayor Jim Schmitt (R), who was convicted of three campaign finance violations, from office failed by one vote, with the council voting 8-4 for removal (the council voted 9-3 for finding enough cause for removal, but Alderman Randy Scannell switched his vote). Schmitt is now likely to face a recall effort.

Oregon: Push to allow impeachment for Governor


Rhode Island: Providence Councilman recall signed by "who's who"

A list of former senior officials, including two former state senators, have signed petitions to get a recall against Councilman Kevin Jackson on the ballot following his indictment for embezzlement.

Texas: San Angelo City Councilman facing recall threats over alleged targeting of Hispanic police officers

Councilman Bill Richardson is being hit with calls to resign and discussion of a recall, including with supportive comments from the mayor, after Richardson posted a complaint with a Hispanic police officer on Facebook. Richardson asked non-Hispanic officers to keep a written record of their interactions with Hispanic police officers. Richardson, who was elected in May 2016, is now facing recall threats from the San Angelo Law Enforcement Spouses Association.

Louisiana: State Representative looks to open up recall process

State Representative Paul Hollis is getting set to introduce a bill for the new legislative session that should make it easier to get a recall on the ballot. Hollis is apparently looking to lower the signature requirement for recalls in larger jurisdictions, potentially by changing the law to the voter turnout requirement from 33 1/3 percent of eligible voters.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Virginia: Charlottesville Vice Mayor facing petitions for recall trial over tweets; dispute over signatures needed

Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy is facing petitions for a recall trial over some controversial tweets he made between 2009 and 2014 that led him to leave a teaching position and resign from the Virginia Board of Education.

Jason Kessler, the leading petitioner is a blogger who is accused of being a white supremacist (he has a Pepe the Frog symbol on his site, though he denies the racist charge) and targeting Bellamy because he is the only African-American on the city council (in the story, he calls Bellamy a "race pimp.")  One of the speakers against Bellamy,GOP gubernatorial candidate and Prince William County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Corey Stewart a focused on Bellamy's vote to remove a statute of Robert E. Lee from Lee Park as "politically correct madness."

There does seem to be a dispute on the number of signatures needed to get to the judge. Virginia law requires signatures totally 10% of the total number of votes cast in the last election for the office. The debate is over whether the signature total is for the total number of votes cast in the 2015 City Council election (which was 15,798 -- meaning 1580 signatures needed) or just those that Bellamy received (which was 4688 -- meaning 469). Kessler claims that it should be the lower number.

We've discussed Virginia's peculiar recall trial law in the past. It doesn't seem likely that this charge would meet the narrow criteria that judges use to allow a recall trial to go forward. Note the Loudoun County Supervisor attempt.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Louisiana: State Senator Resigns in face of expulsion and recall threats

State Senator Troy Brown (D) resigned instead of facing an expulsion vote or a threatened recall. Brown twice plead no contest for domestic abuse charges.

Nebraska: Table Rock Village Board member facing petitions

Petitions have been filed against board member Wayne Schulenberg. The story is behind a paywall, so we'll have to wait for more details.

Comanche trial petitions ask for recall


Colorado: Otis Town Council recall on hold

Otis Town Council members are facing a potential recall threat, though the effort has been put on the backburner due to other issues. Councilmembers Jesse and Sue Stackhouse, Lana Rogers, Jim Weibers and Linda Bethel are facing petitions. The only other council member has recently been appointed.

The petition was started by a former board member, Leon Payne. The issue seemed to be a heated debate over an executive session.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Washington: State Senate recall paperwork filed

Petitions have been filed against state Senator Doug Ericksen, who is working for the transition team at the EPA while he still serves in the state Senate.

Colorado: Federal Heights Mayor survives recall vote, Mayor Pro Tem resigns

Mayor Daniel Dick (405-658) survived a recall over his support of a Residential Inspection program.

Mayor Pro Tem John Hamlin also faced a recall, but he resigned prior to the election (he is moving out of town).

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Arizona: Three Whetstone Water District Board Members facing May recall vote

Board President Tim Sulger, and members Leonard Howell and Robert Tinney are facing an upcoming recall election on May 16. Sulger is accused of violating open meeting laws, threatening the health of water customers and failing to obtain board approval before working on a repair with a private contractor. The recall is led by one of three employees who the board fired on January 25

Petitioners needed 74 signatures, they got 76 for two and 79 for Sulger. The recall is slated to cost about $3000, which Sulger calculated as $75 per customer.

Washington: State Senator facing recall effort over position on Trump's Transition Team

State Senator Doug Ericksen is facing a recall effort over his role as communications director for the EPA for the Trump transition team. According to the report, Ericksen, the Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee Chair,  has missed at least 75% of committee meetings this session (since January), though it's unclear how many actual meetings that is. Ericksen claims that his committee is among the most productive in the Senate.

Washington is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, and it is definitely very questionable that this would meet the for cause part of a recall petition. A Judge will have to decide that next. If it does go forward, petitioners would need 18,061 signatures in six months. An editorial in another paper calls for Ericken to resign.

California: Santa Clara Judge recall out-raised Judge by 5-1

The recall effort against Judge Aaron Persky over a Stanford student sexual assault sentence has seen a significant fundraising. Stanford professor Michele Dauber, who is leading the recall efforts, has raised $323,785, with donations from co-founder of Linkedin and the CEO of CrowdPac. Persky has raised $64,618.

Virginia: Editorial on Recall Trials in Petersburg

Petersburg Mayor Samuel Parham and councilman (and former mayor) Howard Myers are both facing recall effort. The editorial is focused on the very odd recall trial law that Virginia uses, and recommends a bill proposed by Delegate Richard Anderson that would create a recall election law.

Oklahoma: GOP Stephens County Treasurer calls for recall law

Steve Fair, the Stephens County Republican Party treasurer, has an op-ed calling for a recall law. He notes the recent resignation of a Tulsa legislator over sexual harassment charges. The article is a straightforward look at recall laws.

California: One candidate in replacement race for Oakdale Irrigation District board seat

The April 25 special election against Linda Santos has only one replacement candidate, Nate Ludlow. A second candidate dropped out after she claimed vandals were outside her home.

South Dakota: Mitchell Mayor hearing recall threats

A look at South Dakota's recall law following "heated exchanges" between Mitchell Mayor Jerry Toomey and residents, one of whom Toomey called the man ran several stoplights (the resident called Toomey a drunk) and the other is the owner of a janitorial supply company who claims that Toomey's personal vendetta led to bid issue.

The state has a malfeasance standard/judicial recall requirement, so there has to be a showing of cause. Petitioners would need 1455 signatures to get one on the ballot.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Louisiana: Parish Presidents facing recall efforts show part of the challenges in Louisiana politics

The two recall efforts are front and center in this story. The push against Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni over inappropriate text messages sent to a 17 year-old boy is still going on, though petitioners need 90,000 names.

The second recall, against Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa is on hold until hearing from a grand jury. Matassa has been accused of trying to bribe a candidate to drop out of a city council race.

Myanmar: New Recall bill proposed


West Virginia: Huntington Mayor facing recall effort:

Mayor Steve Williams is facing a recall effort led by Steven J. Davis, who was a former Republican candidate for mayor. The issue seems to be claims of tax increases and lay-offs.  It sounds like they may need a charter change to get a recall on the ballot.

Colorado: Crawford Mayor survives recall vote

Mayor Wanda Gofforth beat back a recall vote 99-79 (55%) on Tuesday. Gofforth, who won the office in April by one vote, was launched over allegations that she wasted taxpayer money in attorney fees and violated open meeting laws. The candidate that Gofforth between in April, Gil Saunders, was the only candidate running in the succession race.

Oregon: Lincoln Mayor recall effort fails

No petitions were submitted in the recall effort against Mayor Don Williams. Petitioners needed 456 signatures to get on the ballot.

Arizona: Buckeye Water Resources Director resigns

The rise in water bills has been the source of a recall effort against Buckeye Mayor Jackie Mecks. Petitioners have until March 22 to hand in signatures.

Texas: Hearne City Council refuses to schedule recall of councilmember

The city council was stymied by a tie vote in its effort to set a date for a special election (and the general election). Councilman Rodrick Jackson, who is facing a recall effort in the special, claims the petition was illegal. The fight will now go to a judge.

We've seen this happen a number of times in Texas.

Pennsylvania: 19,000 signatures for online US Senator Toomey recall petition

Outside of online petitions being worthless for electoral purposes, the article notes that Pennsylvania doesn't have a statewide recall law and, of course, that US Senators may not be subject to recalls. The article is a bit too strong on that point -- as I've said in the past, I imagine the US Supreme Court would rule 9-0 that federal officials can't face recalls, but I've been wrong plenty of times before. One other thing to note -- 19,000 signatures is not that much for a recall of a federal officials.

Nevada: Signatures handed in against Storey County Sheriff

597 signatures were handed in for the recall of Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, who is being blamed for the cost of legal settlements due to his managing style. He has also been accused of sexual harassment. Petitioners need 477 verified.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

North Carolina: Look back at the Statesville City Council Recall of 1963 over swimming pool integration

Here's a look back at move to recall all six members of the Statesville (at the time, the City of Progress) after their vote to integrate the city's two swimming pools. There's a particular focus on Verna Cline. The council were all voted out.

Texas: Recall effort against El Paso Represenative called off

The pettion effort against Representative Cortney Niland has been called off, though petitioner claims to have gotten more than the 719 signatures needed for a recall. Family health issues have prevented Niland from attending city council meetings since early January. The issue prompting the recall was a decision to build a Triple A stadium,

Lumbee Tribe Chairman facing recall effort

Chairman Harvey Godwin Jr. is facing a recall effort over transparency and "unfulfilled promises." Petitioners need about 1300 signatures to move forward. More info here.

Japan: Local assemblies reject 16 referendums, including recall effort against Yakushima Mayor

A municipal government building costings about 2 billion yen led to a referendum to rethinking the spending, which was not brought up for a vote. Petitioners than tried to removed Yakushima Mayor Koji Araki, which needed 33.3% of residential voters, which residents narrowly failed to get.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Massachusetts: Westford Selectmen recall doesn't move forward

An attempted recall of Westford Selectmen Andrea Peraner-Sweet and Mark Kost has not moved forward since the affidavits were rejected because they were neither notarized or signed under penalty of perjury. The recall effort was over legal settlement allowing an asphalt-manufacturing plant.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Rhode Island: 2600 signatures handed in for recall of Providence Councilman

Petitioners handed in over 2600 signatures for the recall of Councilman Kevin Jackson over his arrest for embezzlement and campaign finance violations. They still had a month more to collect signatures. They need 2070 valids.

Georgia: Former Meigs Mayor found guilty of credit card fraud

Mayor Linda Harris, who was kicked out of office in a recall after her indictment, has been found guilty of credit card fraud. Harris took credit cards to buy supplies and hold a Christmas party after the city council voted down the party. The spending was $138. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Florida: Stuart Mayor facing recall threats over referencing police officer as a pig

Mayor Eula Clarke is facing threats and a push for her resignation from the other four city commissioners after walking into a grocery store where the police officer was talking to a clerk and reportedly saying, "I didn't know we were serving pig tonight." She has since apologized.

North Dakota: Bismarck Mayor hits back on issue of pipeline protestors

Mayor Mike Seminary, who is facing recall threats over infrastructure issues including the expansion of an event center, is now being criticized for welcoming opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline to a mayor session. Seminary noted that the event help pump $4.1 million into the local economy.

Louisiana: Lafourche Parish Council holding no-confidence vote in Parish President

Lafourche Parish President Jimmy Cantrelle is facing a no-confidence vote after posting to social media on the council saved money on a health insurance policy, but his critics say that it didn't explain the rate increase. Cantrelle is also criticized for firing the parish administrator. So far, there has only been mention of a recall, but no organized effort.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Venezuela: President reported to have turned over some powers to VP


New Mexico: Petition filed against four Tucumcari commissioners

Tucumcari Commissioners, including Mayor Pro Tem Robert Lumpkin, Commissioner Amy Gutierrez, John Mihm and Ralph Moya are facing recall threats after a trucking company was fined for having unused trucks and equipment on the street.

Massachusetts: Two Shirley Selectmen ousted

Shirley Selectmen Bob Prescott (825-451) and Kendra Dumont (832-422) lost their seats in a recall on Monday. Both ran in the replacement races, and lost again. Jim Wilson beat Prescott 830-477 and Holly Haase beat Dumont 872-434. No real explanation for why Prescott and Dumont got more votes in the replacement race than in the recall.

The issue was a board vote to increase health benefits for the town administrator after a Town Meeting rejected a pay increase.

Monday, January 30, 2017

New York: Voters discover no recall for Rochester City Court Judge accused of drunken run-in with security guard

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was nearly pepper sprayed in a bathroom as well as a drunk driving charge and has not been allowed to preside in court or appear in non-public areas of the courthouse. But only the State Commission on Judicial Conduct can take her out.

California: Three San Miguel Fire Protection Board members hit with recall petitions

Fire Protection Board President Theresa McKenna and directors Jim Ek and Mike Vacio were all handed recall notices over their vote to negotiate a contract for dispatching services, a change from the arrangement with Cal Fire. The vote was 4-3.

Petitioners would need about 9,906 signatures.

Update: The petitions were found deficient

Georgia: Gwinnett Commissioner recall held up for filing for 6 month grace period

The recall effort against Gwinnett Commissioner Tommy Hunter cannot start filing papers until July, due to the 6 month grace period. Hunter is facing recall threats after calling Congressman John Lewis a racist pig and calling Democrats "demonrats."

No word on the possibility that the recall would be accepted under Georgia's tough malfeasance standard/judicial recall law. If it did get past that stage, they would need 30% of registered voters, so it sounds like something on the order of 38,470 valids needed in 45 days.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australia: Editorial looks at adopting recall law


Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians looking for recall of Chief

Chief Phyllis Anderson is facing recall threats over employment discrimination over political affiliations and fiscal irresponsibility. Petitioners need 40% of registered voters signatures, and must have turn out of 60% for the recall to count.

California: Los Angeles District Attorney facing recall threats

District Attorney Jackie Lacey is facing recall threats following a decision not to file charges against two officers who were involved in the shooting death of Ezell Ford in 2014.

Ohio: Fairfield County Prosecutor states there is no recall law allowing attempt against Lancaster mayor

Lancaster Mayor Brian Kuhn has been under attack after pleading guilty for two counts of attempted failure to pay taxes. Recall attempts have been discussed, but Fairfield County Prosecutor Kyle Witt notes that Lancaster has no recall provision. Fairfield is a statutory city,, which doesn't have recall ability in Ohio law.

Californa: Greenfield mayor loses recall vote

Mayor John Huerta lost the recall with 61% voting against (866 votes). He is succeeded in the replacement race by Jesus OlverGarcia (with 68%). Huerta faced a recall over claims that he doesn't do enough to promote economic development, though the recall also took place after the city council censured him for improper involvement in city government administration and providing improper directives to the city manager.

Turnout was 30.7%.

Huerta barely survived a 2012 recall vote.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

California: Two Paradise Irrigation District Board Members kicked out

Turnout was "very low" with 4265 ballots returned out of 17,215 sent out. Larry Duncan (18%-82%) and Sep Carola 21.7%-78%) both lost their seats, with Anne Rice and Marc Sulik replacing themm
The issue was a fiscal crisis over water purity.

This is the second time that Duncan has been recalled -- he lost his seat in 1991 as a town council member over a proposed sewer line.