Thursday, March 15, 2018

Oregon: Three Ashland Parks and Recreation Commissioners survive recall vote

All three Commissioners, Michael Gardiner (4030-1756), Jim Lewis (4042-1748) and Rick Landt (4034-1752) overwhelmingly survived the recall vote. The issue was the Ashland Senior Center staff and a modification of the senior services.

Texas: Plano Councilman recall push claims to be nearing signature requirement

The recall committee against Councilman Tom Harrison, who was censured by the council after posting a Facebook video calling for the ban of Islam in schools, claims they will soon have the signatures needed to get on the ballot. They need 2791 and have to get it in by April 5.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Michigan: Kinderhook Township Clerk up for May 8 vote

Clerk Cynthia Carpenter (R) is facing Ginger Kesler (NP) in a May 8 recall over mileage reimbursement, FOIA violation, replacing deputy clerks and refusing to share information. The lead petitioner, Michael Exelby, lost to Carpenter by 12 votes in the 2016 Republican primary.

California: Palo Verde school board facing recall effort

School Board Members Gloria Hauff and Mark Trigueiro are facing a recall effort, as might members Lorraine Cleek, Natalie Coelho and Chris De Azevedo (the last three are up for reelection in November, so likely not them). Petitioners need 187 signatures to get on the ballot. The issue is the failure to extend the principal's contract (the board oversees a single school).

Arizona: South Tucson Mayor and Councilmembers kicked out in recall vote

Mayor Ildefonso Green and Councilmen Rufino Cantu, Robert Larribas and Carlos Romo were all kicked out in a recall vote and replaced by former Mayor Paul Diaz, Rita Rogers, Herman Lopez and Roberto Teso.

Michigan: Court of Appeals rules that councilman should not have been able to run in Flint mayoral recall and for reelection

Councilman Scott Kincaid lost in his recall fight against Mayor Karen Weaver while attempting to run for reelection. A judge ruled that he couldn't run for both and Kincaid withdrew from the council race. The Appellate Court held that it is incompatible to run for two offices at once.

Wisconsin: St. Francis Mayor ousted in recall vote

Mayor CoryAnn St. Marie-Carls lost her recall vote to Alderman Ken Tutaj, 1175-789, with a 39.5% voter turnout. Marie-Carls has been in office six years and was tossed for unprofessional behavior.

Marie-Carls faced a call for her resignation by other council members after a no confidence over disputes with staff and dispute whether the mayor should have a key to the police department.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Georgia: Camilla Mayor facing petitions after group gets past first hurdle.

Petitioners handed in over 100 valid signatures calling for the recall of Mayor Rufus Davis. Petitioners still need the judge to sign off.

Oregon: Clatskanie School Board members facing recall after refusing to renew principal

Three School Board Members, Chair Walt Lovegren and Directors Judy Skirvin and Monty Akin are facing recall petitions following their refusal to renew the contract of a principal. Petitioners need 288 signatures to get on the ballot.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Oregon: Gold Hill City Council facing recall threat

City Councilman Ron Palmer is facing a recall threat after he resigned and then later rescinded his resignation. Sawyer's Paddle Shop Owner Pete Newport, who has been denied an appointment and was disqualified from a 2016 mayoral race based on residency issues, is pushing for a recall. He wrote resignation letters for the entire council over complaints that the city beach park was in disarray, a problem with a state-owned bridge and some resignations of city employees.

Alaska: Unalaska mayor recall vote had 27% registered voter turnout

The final vote against Mayor Frank Kelty was 204 for a recall and 326 against, resulting in Kelty staying in office.

Friday, March 9, 2018

102 Recalls in 2017 -- 39 removed, 31 resigned, 29 survived; At least 395 attempts

Many months late, here's the Recall Elections Blog's annual end of the year stats: In 2017, we had 102 recalls, though some asterisk here. 39 officials were removed in the vote, 31 resigned. 29 officials survived a recall vote. Additionally, in one recall, the official did not contest the recall and instead ran for Mayor (and won). In two other recalls, no one ran against the official so the recalls were cancelled.

I count 395 recall efforts over all. The good folks at Ballotpedia have slightly different numbers, but they are roughly similar.

This year saw a drop from 2016, when there were 120 recalls. This is actually the least recalls in a year since I’ve been tracing. In 2015, there were 108; 2014 (which, I never actually wrote up), 126 recalls. In 
2013, we had 107 recalls2012 we had 168, and a 2011 we had 151. It does seem that there is a drop in off-year elections. I imagine this is partly because of the waiting period that most jurisdictions have right after an official starts in office.

We also saw officials kill recalls in the administrative setting – Hearne, Texas is one very clear example. We also missed a rare Recall Trial in Norfolk,Virginia, where the official was convicted and removed before the recall trial was started. And in Nevada, the Supreme Court killed any opportunity for a recall of judges.

For the fourth straight year, no state official has faced a recall (though in 2015, the Oregon Governor resigned in the face of recall threats). This is a return to the historic norm, though one that is going to end with the recall of a California State Senator Josh Newman (as well as possible ones in Nevada).

·                     22 states had recall elections take place 
·                     The big recall states were Colorado (18) and Oregon (11) – Michigan and California are surprisingly not on the list 
·                     I have not included recalls in Native American territory nor do I include HOAs or Senior Living Communities. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Alaska: Unalaska Mayor survives recall vote

Mayor Frank Kelty survived a recall vote, with 62% casting ballots for him to stay (286-177 -- and 74 absentee/questioned ballots still to be counted). The recall was over a dock agreement.

Florida: Madeira Beach commissioners recall facing scheduling problems and potential significant conflict of interest

Petitioners handed in enough signatures to get a recall against Commissioner John Douthirt and Nancy Oakley on the ballot, but there is a dispute as to whether the City Attorney Ralf Brooks has contacted the Chief Circuit Court Judge Anthony Rondolino, who is responsible for setting a date. Brooks is serving as the Commissioners' personal attorney to block the recall.

Florida: Recall effort against Riviera Beach City Council members still in court

The judge has refused a request to dismiss the case. Here's some early coverage of the attempt to throw out 8600 signatures that led to the recall effort.

Georgia: Camilla Mayor facing recall effort

Mayor Rufus Davis is facing a recall effort led by former Councilwoman Vivian Smith, following a number of complaints against Davis, including that he is facing a $2.9 million tax levy, boycotting council meetings and an attempt to fire the Housing Authority Director.

In 2016, a recall was attempted against Councilmembers Smith, Lewis Campbell Jr. W.D. Palmer and Annie Doris Willingham. The effort was thought to have the backing of Davis and was thrown out by a judge.

Tennessee: Look back at East Tennessee's mayoral scandals

The article notes that Knoxville Mayor Cas Walker was kicked out in a recall (than in 1956 was the center of a picture showing him ready to punch a councilman).

Michigan: Signatures verified against Kinderhook Township Clerk

Petitioners handed in 173 signatures to recall Clerk Cynthia Carpenter over how she has been reimbursed for mileage. 166 were valid, and 124 were needed. The lead petitioner, Michael Exelby, lost to Carpenter in the 2016 Republican primary by 12 votes.

Michigan: Leoni Township officials facing recall effort over medical marijuana fee structures

Supervisor Howard Linnabary, Clerk Michele Manke and Treasurer Lori Stack are facing recall efforts over medical marijuana applications. The seven board members were paid for the first 18 medical marijuana applications ($15000). Petitioners need 984 signatures to get on the ballot.

Maine: Scarborough school board members facing petitions

School Board Chairwoman Donna Beeley and members Cari Lyford and Jodi Shea are facing a recall effort following the resignation of a high school principal, who was reportedly forced out by the superintendent and tried to withdraw his resignation. Petitioners need 2622 signatures (25% of turnout). Petitioners have 20 days to collect signatures.

Texas: Windcrest City Council recall, which council refused to schedule, killed by Appellate Court ruling/run out the clock behavior

The state Appellate Court unanimously shot down a recall effort against Councilmen Gerd Jacobi, James McFall and Jim Shelton under the argument that petitioner doesn't have the right to demand the action requested. Petitioners handed in more than 451 signatures in January, but due to what the article calls a "certification blunder" -- though it seems worse than that -- the city officials only counted signatures from people who voted in the last election, rather than from all registered voters. This allowed certification to be pushed back until early February, where the councilmen facing a recall failed to show up, depriving the council of a quorum. The result was that the recall was not scheduled before a February 16 date to get on the May ballot.

Illinois: Rockford City Council approves recall law

Rockford would be only the second city in Illinois, after Buffalo Grove, to adopt a recall law. Voters must approved a referendum in November for the law to go into effect.

Tennessee: Nashville Mayor resigns before recall effort starts

Mayor Meghan Barry plead guilty to theft of city funds and resigned her position following revelations of an affair with her bodyguard. A recall effort was set to begin in April.