Thursday, April 27, 2017

California: State Senator claims recall effort would waste millions of dollars

State Senator Josh Newman is facing a recall effort ostensible over his vote to raise fees and taxes for road repairs, though it widely seen as an effort to deprive the Democrats of a two-third supermajority. Newman's written response claims the recall would waste millions for an election.

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Colorado: Park Hospital Board sets recall, then resigns

The Board of Directors, which resigned en masse as of May 1, set a recall for May 21. The designated election official will cancel the recall on May 1.

California: Oakdale Irrigation District board member leading in recall race

OID Irrigation Board Member Linda Santos is leading in the vote county in her recall race, though ballots won't be finished counting until Friday at the earliest. Santos has a lead of 56 percent or 58 votes. 83 ballots are still to be counted.

Idaho: Petitions started for Notus Mayor

Mayor David Porterfield is facing a recall over complaints about a kitchen sink of complaints. Petitioners need 44 signatures to make the ballot, and are aiming for August. The election would require 42 votes against Porterfield, the amount cast to put him in office.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

California: Sonoma County Sheriff recall effort gets petitions

Paperwork has been approved for the recall of Sheriff Steve Freitas, though petitioners would need 35,000 signatures to get on the ballot. The issue is the 2013 shooting of a 13 year old by a street officer and questions about asset-forfiture.

Ohio: Loveland Mayor facing recall effort

Loveland Mayor Mark Fitzgerald is facing a recall effort over the Community Improvement Corporation, a public-private partnership. The lead petitioner, Neil Oury, has announced that he is running to replace Fitzgerald.

Petitioner would need 600 signatures to get the recall on the ballot., and depending on timing, it would be either August 8, which the Secretary of State set as a special election date, or the general election in November.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Massachusetts: Uxbridge Selectmen to recall petition language before sending it to state Legislature

The issue seems to be the amount of signatures needed and language that allows the recall for "any lawful reason" - which sounds like they may be pushing for a judicial recall/malfeasance standard recall, rather than a political one.

Uxbridge's town hall approved the recall provision, but the Selectmen seem to be slow walking it and now trying to replace the citizens petition.

Alaska: ACLU of Alaska filed brief in favor of Homer City Council members opposing June 13 recall

The ACLU of Alaska has filed suit claiming that the recall effort against Council members Donna Aderhold, David Lewis and Catriona Reynolds over their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline is should not be on the ballot due to Alaska law (and a question of free speech).

The free speech part of the claim is odd and out of place, but the councilmembers case against the recall is actual quite strong. Alaska is a judicial recall/malfeasance standard state and courts will frequently throw out recalls that don't meet the for cause statute (though they have allowed a number of recalls to go forward). Here's a copy of the complaint.

Rhode Island: Providence Journal endorses recall of indicted Councilman Kevin Jackson


Philippines: Cebu Mayor facing recall threat

Mayor Tommy Osmena won a rematch in 2016, but his opponent Mike Rama appears to be pushing for a recall, even as they wait for the results of a recount.

Massachusetts: Bridgewater Councilwoman who won office in recall loses re-election run

Sandra Wright won office in the 2012 recall race. After losing a state senate race, she lost her re-election run 88-78.

Iowa: Logan city council shrinkage showed the issue with lack of recalls

Firings of City Administrator Angela Winther and City Attorney (back in 2012), led to a 2013 law that cut the size of the city council from 5 to 3 members. The council is now looking to add back the two members. What's interesting is that Winther (who was hired back after a lawsuit) notes that Iowa doesn't have recall elections, seemingly blaming that failure for the reason for the shrinkage.

Wisconsin: Superior Councilor facing calls for resignation after criminal charges filed

City Councilor Graham Garfield is facing charges after pointing a loaded gun at his fiance, with Mayor Jim Paine calling for his resignation. Garfield was reelected to the council by one vote last year, so a recall cannot start until he is in office one year.

Colorado: Signatures handed in against Frederick Mayor and trustees

320 signatures were handed in against Mayor Tony Carey and Board Trustees Fred Skates and Donna Hudziak. The issues were the approval of a four-story building that exceeded land-use height requirements, a restaurant that was too close to residential properties and a $5.6 million budget deficit.

There's also apparently a recall effort led by a failed Trustee candidate Mike Schiers against two other trustee members, Rocky Figurilli and Salvatore SeSantis, due to their alleged vote against developments.

Petitioners need 25% of turnout, which in Carey's case seems to be 146 signatures.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Michigan: Flint Mayoral recall appeal going to a judge

Mayor Karen Weaver is appealing the approval of a recall petition against her to a Circuit Court Judge -- with the hearing set for today. The recall language is over an emergency waste collection contract that she signed that the city council voted against. Petitioners would need about 5800 signatures.

Update: The Judge allowed the recall to move forward.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

North Dakota: Article on recalling Ward County Commissioner

The resignation of the Ward County Sheriff Steve Kukowski with a $75,000 payout has led to discussion of recall efforts against County Chairman Larry Louser and Commissioner John Fjeldahl. Petitioners would need 6927 signatures to get on the ballot, though it would have to get to the ballot by November.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Arizona:A look back at Arizona legislators push to cut back on initiatives and recalls

The Arizona Republic has a great look at how legislators worked to make signature gathering much more difficult. They could have submitted it to the voters, but they figured the voters would kill it.

Of particular note is that Strict Compliance, which overturns the Arizona Supreme Court decision holding that the recall is so important that a "substantial compliance" doctrine should be in effect. That means that Arizona recall petitions will now have a much higher burden to get on the ballot.

Louisiana: Welsh Alderman facing petitions

Alderman Jacob Colby Perry is facing petitions over claims that he has disrupted government and refused to acknowledge that his accusations are unfounded. Perry is out of the country on military duty.

Petitioners need at least 695 signatures (33 1/3 of registered voters) in 180 days.

Missouri: Springfield City Council member facing recall effort

Councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky, who recently lost a mayoral race, is facing a recall effort led by a longtime vocal critic, with claims that she is unable to cooperate, vindictive and a bad leader. Fulnecky has called other council members the "Gang of Five" and criticized a pilot program to connect panhandlers with jobs. The city council approved a report that said she was not eligible to run for the council because she failed to obtain and pay for a city business license for seven straight years.

Petitioners need 7774 signatures to get on the ballot.

The last successful recall and removal in Springfield was against Councilmember John Wilson in 1996. There were two recent campaigns against former Mayor Bob Stephens and against councilman Justin Burnett (who resigned following nipplegate). Neither got to the ballot.

Colorado: Four protests filed against signatures in Broomfield Mayor Pro Tem recall

The protest is an attempt to stop the recall against Mayor Pro Tem Greg Stokes (who is term-limited out this year). The article notes some residents claiming a partisan tilt to the recall, with conservative Republicans pushing the effort.

Maine: Op-ed by Maine Senator on his proposed recall law

Here -- I've discussed this one point before, but someone put out the idea that three-quarters of the recalls in the US have taken place on the local level. It is really probably about 99% on the local level.

Colorado: Fremont County Sheriff facing petitions

Signature gathering has started in a recall against Sheriff Jim Beicker. One of the leaders of the petitions is a resident who found evidence from a 2006 homicide in a storage unit that he bought at an auction. The Sheriff's office was also in the news for seizing horses under an animal cruelty claim, though some of them were returned by judicial order.

Petitioners would need about 4,000 signatures, and there is a claim that the recall would cost about $85,000.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Washington: Petitions taken out against Black Diamond Councilmembers

Council members Pat Pepper and Erika Morgan are facing petitions. The treasurer for one of the recall PACs is a former councilman. Since Washington is a judicial recall/malfeasance standard state, the petition claims that the two violated different rules, including the Open Public Meetings Act and usurping the authority of Mayor Carol Benson.

The councilmembers claim that the leader of the petition is the wife of former Councilman Ron Taylor, who lost to Pepper in the last election. PEtitioners would need 262 signatures for Pepper and 393 for Morgan.

Massachusetts: Judge rejects attempt to stop Townsend recall