Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Jersey: Flemington-Raritan School Board President facing petition from five members, plus recall effort

Board President Anna Fallon, who is facing a recall effort, has been called on to step down as president (though remain on the board) by five other board members. The issue seems to be the behavior of the Superintendent, who left.

California: New member of Tulare City Council endorse recall of Medical Center Director

The recall of Dr. Parmod Kumar, which is set for July 11, has received the endorsement of City Councilman Jose Sigala.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Michigan: Signatures to be handed in against Flint Mayor

Petitioners are claiming that they have over 6,000 signatures in the recall against Mayor Karen Weaver over the hiring of a new trash collection company.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

California: Editorial calling for the recall of Governor Jerry Brown

No suggestion here on who would put up the millions in start-up cost to remove him a year early.

Philippines: Cebu City Mayor says he's unafraid of recall effort

Mayor Tomas Osmena has thrown down the gauntlet to a leader of recall effort against him, Presidential Assitant for the Visayas Michel Lloyd Dino, saying that he will sign the recall petitioners himself. However, Dino claims he is not leading a recall effort, but just pushing against a Bus Rapid Transit project.

Taiwan: Motion approved for recall of New Power Party Executive Chairman

New Power Party Executive Chairman Huang Kuo-chang is facing a recall effort seemingly over his support for same-sex marriage laws. Petitioners need 25,120 signatures to get on the ballot.

New Jersey: Wayne Councilman recall filed

Councilman Richard Jazterzbski, who has been handed two no confidence votes, has refused to resign and is facing recall efforts over his comments to Passaic County Republican organizers after his campaign signs were removed from the headquarters windows. Petitioners would need about 1317 signatures to get on the ballot.

California: Hanford City Council petitions approved

Petitions have been approved against City Councilman Francisco Ramirez, as petitioners need 853 signatures to get on the ballot.

Missouri: Oakville Councilman facing recall efforts

Councilman Ernie Trakas (R) is facing a recall effort with a number of complaints, the only specific one being a delay of zoning approval process. According to the report, petitioners would need more than 14,000 signatures to get on the ballot, though that sounds like a misprint and is probably a fraction of that.

Tarkas claims the recall is being lef by a legislative assistant he fired (the former St. George Mayor Carmen Wilkerson) as well as the owner of construction company that Tarkas has blocked from moving into a new place.

Tarkas has also regularly voted with the council's Democrats, leading to disgruntled supporters in the GOP.

Alaska: Final results on Homer recall

The Councilmembers all survived: Donna Aderhold (825-1099); David Lewis (825-1098) and Catriona Reynolds (850-1073). Here's an op-ed attacking the political recall nature of the Homer recall, and specifically citing some of the details of the 1959 Alaska Convention.

Texas: Signatures submitted against two Alice Councilmembers

261 signatures were handed in against councilmembers Elida Garza and Yolanda Moran over the support for a plan to reopen the city's natatorium and water park. Petitioners need 113 valids to get on the ballot.

Colorado: Fremont County Sheriff recall effort fails

The recall effort against Sheriff Jim Beicker (R) seems to have failed. Petitioners needed 4166 signatures, and they claim to have gotten about 600. The issue was the confiscation of horses in a alleged animal cruelty casel a civil lawsuit of a the death of an inmate and a Lieutenant who is facing charges of misconduct and abuse of public records for keeping evidence to an old homicide in a storage unit. Beicker won his fourth term unopposed in 2014.

Georgia: A look at recall attempts in Gwinnett County

The recall threats against Commissioner Tommy Hunter, who has faced a public reprimand for his comments against Congressman John Lewis, could now start, as the 180 day waiting period ends. The article notes two other attempts against Commissioners: one in 2010 against Chairman Charles Bannister, which was thrown out by a judge (Bannister resigned shortly afterward) and a failed attempted against Chairwoman Lillian Webb in 1990 that didn't get the signatures.

North Dakota: Petitions submitted against LaMoure County State's Attorney

Petitioners handed in 613 signatures against State's Attorney Tonya Duffy. They need 541 to get on the ballot. The issue seems to be Duffy's lenient treatment of charges against a driver in a drunk-driving manslaughter case.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Massachusetts: Court blocks recall against second Townsend Selectman

The recall against Selectman Gordon Clark has been enjoined, joining the one against selectman Cindy King.

Texas: Signatures handed in against Alice Councilmembers

261 signatures were turned in against Council members Elida Garza and Yolanda Moran. Petitioners need 113 valids. The issue was a vote to open a multi-use facility.

California: Redding Vice Mayor and Councilwoman facing recall effort

Vice Mayor Kristen Schreder and Councilwoman Francie Sullivan are facing a recall effort that may not get on the ballot until 2018. Petitioners need 9857 signatures (interestingly, the town has 49,285 voters -- if they had 50,000 the total would have dropped to 7500). The recall is allegedly about raises and a lack of concern for public safety, though the failed passage of two public safety tax measures may play a role.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New Jersey: Flemington-Raritan School Board President facing petitions.

President Anna Fallon is facing a recall effort. Not too many details on the recall itself, but the Superintendent was retired and seemed somewhat unpopular.

Massachusetts: Second Townsend Selectmen challenges recall effort

Selectman Gordon Clark is following in the path of Selectman Cindy King in trying to get an injunction against a recall effort. King's was granted, but is now waiting for the appeal.

North Dakota: Bismarck circulator files motion

This is over the Mayor Mike Seminary recall -- the petitioner was deemed unqualified due to a residency requirement and he is demanding a proof of authority. We've seen similar laws declared unconstitutional in other states.

Washington: Black Diamond Councilmember recall injunction appealed

A recall attempt against Councilmember Pat Pepper has been halted while a judge's decision to allow the recall to continue is appealed. The petitioners are trying to open up the signatures gathering again.

The recall is over violations of the Open Meeting law, failure to attend council meetings, failure to enact a temporary budget and vote to change a master development review team contracts.

Louisiana: Lafayette City Marshall facing recall effort

City Marshall Brian Pope is facing a recall effort in his term after he was sued by a newspaper organization for refusing to produce emails in the campaign for Sheriff. The emails allegedly would prove that Pope conspired with an unsuccessful candidate, Chad Leger, who is currently the Scott police chief. Pope was sentenced to 7 days for contempt and was indicted by a grand jury on malfeasance and perjury charges.

Petitioners need 27,500 signatures in 180 days.

Alaska: Homer recall appears to be failing, with absentee ballots still to be counted

We'll wait for the final results, but it appears that the three commissioners will survive the recall attempt.

New Mexico: Three Tucumcari commissioners survive recall vote

Mayor Ruth Ann-Litfield and commissioners Amy Gutierrez  and Ralph Moya survived their recall vote in a special election. The recall was over fines given to a business owner over unkempt property.

Maryland: Bowie Councilmember recall effort fails

The recall effort against Diane Polangin failed, as petitioners didn't hand in signatures -- Petitioners claimed they had 2,300, though they need at least 2500.